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bird webcams in California and beyond



Web cams come and go and are dependent on daylight (except for the owls!)— these cams were operating on May 23, 2006, and are just a few of the many available.

Let us know of others and if any of these are not functioning.


Bald Eagle Chick Hatches on Santa Cruz Island: First In Over 50 Years!!
Bald Eagle
webcam on Santa Cruz Island, Channel Islands N.P. Here's more information about the web cam and the reintroduction of the Bald Eagle to Santa Cruz Island. By early July, the chick fledged, hung around the nest a bit, the parent came back visiting; the web cam is offline as of 7/16/06. Back next year? Yes! The first chick hatched on Lucky Friday, April 13. Info: the Press Release.

Webcams - The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, birds of prey and others, including terns.

Canadian Peregrine Foundation, the Etibicoke nest
Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, osprey and eagle cams
A collection of African and other webcams
Storks-on-line, a Swedish webcam
Seal Island NWR puffin webcam off Maine; different locations, often with fine pictures of terns, tern behavior (and in May, tern courting) with tern 'song' - turn your volume down! Not as good as being there, but almost!
The Owl Cam, at Benicia, CA, starring Frieda and Diego, hosted by intuitiveISP.com; see also wild sex on the owl cam on MySpace
Skomer Island webcam, not presently operating, but some great pictures of puffins, a favorite bird of this website.
A listing of raptor webcams at the Ojai Raptor Center page.










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