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flying pelican
flying pelican


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About this site
American White Pelican, distinquished from the Brown Pelican
Anacapa Island
Animal rights
Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Behavior: nest building; breeding and courtship

California Brown Pelican distinguished from other Brown Pelicans
Channel Islands National Park
Chase Lake N.W.R., pelican disappearance: News May-June, Nov., 2004,

DDT / DDE and endrin
Domoic acid
Eggs and fledging
Environmental organizations, Santa Barbara

Fishing hooks and line, how to release entangled pelicans
Frivolities: Earthview

How to help, contact information
How to rescue a pelican and whom to call

International Bird Rescue Research Center (IBRRC); see also this site's THREATS page.

Legal Protections: Endangered Species Acts, Migratory Bird Treaty Act
Links to more information about pelicans
Life histories, Loafing and preening

News — stories about pelicans and other threatened birds species

Pelican species around the world, links to many sites devoted to pelicans
Peruvian Pelican, a separate species or a brown pelican subspecies?
Pelicans in art and history
Pollution effects

References and bibliography - see this site's page of links, especially the BNA reference.
Rehabilitation and Release to freedom
Reward for information leading to...

Salton Sea

Santa Barbara pelicans; euthanasia
Santa Barbara wildlife care resources and environmental organizations
Snowy Plovers at Santa Barbara harbor
Sounds - see the Mangoverde guide
Threats to pelicans; An example: Stearns Wharf, Santa Barbara

Updates: recent news at the SBWCN seabird pond

West Nile Virus
Wildlife Rehabilitation Centers (mostly Southern California)
Wing injuries




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