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selected links to sites about pelicans

About pelicans, in general:

Behavior and biology sites:

Community Organizations:


Species Descriptions:

AMERICAN WHITE PELICAN (Pelecanus erythrorhynchos): (USGS) ; Canadian links: Ray's Web; Ft Worth Zoo; photos; Chase Lake NWR (USFG)

AUSTRALIAN PELICANS (Pelecanus conspicillatus):Australian pelican; (for children, nice photos) ; fact sheet ; reef ed;

BROWN PELICANS (Pelecanus occidentalis) (5 subspecies): in Channel Islands NP ; Eastern (Florida parks); Cornell Lab of Ornithology;

DALMATIAN PELICANS (Pelecanus crispus): Europa site; Hellenic Ornithologic Soc.; photos; more photos; more photos; Eastern Asia subpopulation in Mongolia;

PERUVIAN PELICAN (Pelecanus thagus): handsome photos from Peru and Chile;

PINK-BACKED PELICAN (Pelecanus rufescens): Ornithological Soc. in the Mid. East;

SPOT-BILLED PELICAN (Pelecanus philippensis):Red Data Book, Threatened Birds of Asia; BirdLife Species Fact Sheet;
















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