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Santa Barbara pelicans would say:

share time,
share fish money


at your own local wildlife rescue center!

pair of pelicans
pix of flying pelican

Santa Barbara area pelicans need help — that means they need money for care, for support, for money to pay for their fish.

The Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization; all donations are tax deductible.

Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network
P.O. Box 6594 Santa Barbara, CA 93160

Please consider donating to the very fine, almost entirely volunteer and also non-profit, Pacific Wildlife Care in Morro Bay. The winter of 2010, June Taylor's facility was overflowing and the SBWCN sent approximately 20 pelicans to the PWC in Morro Bay.

Pacific Wildlife Care
P.O. Box 1134 Morro Bay, CA 93443



Thank you for your help and caring!

Helping others helps yourself! Read this interesting new study from the University of Oregon, reprinted in Science Daily "...Researchers found that two evolutionarily ancient regions deep in the brain -- the caudate nucleus and the nucleus accumbens -- fired when subjects saw the charity get the money. The activation was even larger when people gave the money voluntarily, instead of just paying it as taxes. These brain regions are the same ones that fire when basic needs such as food and pleasures (sweets or social contact) are satisfied...."

For instructions on how to rescue a pelican or other seabird, click.

For an Adobe Acrobat .pdf list of California rehabilitators, click.

acrobat link

Other things you can do to help:

* Encourage the use of barbless hooks: they're just as good for fishing and do less damage to the unfortunate hooked birds.
* Do not feed wild pelicans
, especially in areas where there is fishing. What seems to many people an irresistable kindness, in fact encourages the birds to hang around where, near inevitably, they'll get hooked. In addition, seeing a free lunch, they'll compete with and annoy fishermen some of whom may retaliate with extreme cruelty.
* Actively participate in local wildlife conservation and environmental organizations. Most all of them need and welcome volunteers. Visit
Resources for a list of Santa Barbara area organizations. In Santa Barbara, to volunteer, call (805)-966-9005.
* Write letters to the local media and public officials about the need for clean ocean waters and the importance of protecting all marine life.
* Write to info@pelicanlife.org, saying what you think of this website and how it could be improved!


You can help keep this site going by donating via this secure PayPal link:


We very much welcome comments and suggestions on how to improve this site, a private and unaffiliated effort. Please send comments and suggestions to: About PelicanLife at info@pelicanlife.org.

Thank you!
pelicans released flying free
happy pelicans released to freedom after rehabilitation at the Santa Barbara Wildlife Care seabird pond





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