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...A lifeguard at Port Hueneme found a juvenile pelican wrapped in fishing line, floating, unable to swim or fly.

...Helene, a volunteer from Oxnard, drove 35 miles west through the heavy late Sunday afternoon traffic, to CARE Hospital in Santa Barbara.

...A veterinarian on duty that night removed the fishing line and the hooks from the frightened young bird's left foot.

...Early Monday morning, August 9, a volunteer brought the bird to June Taylor at the Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network seabird pond.


Rescued on
August 8
June with pelican
Released on
August 24

...June fed him Ensure and Pedialyte. Soon he began solid food, smelt. In the fish she put an antibiotic for his foot injury.

...A strong young pelican, he soon began to show signs of wanting to be free.

...Tuesday morning, an overcast August 24, he got his wish at Goleta Beach.

...By pure chance that day, the Santa Barbara Fire Department was holding an offshore search and rescue practice.

...But their help wasn't needed as the young pelican flew free again — hopefully, much warier of fisherpeople.



hook-injured foot
young pel 2 adults
pelican in case
ready to take off
June, anxious
june - success


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